Lead System Network Review – Don’t Join Until You Read This

The Official Lead System Network Review

This Lead System Network Review is based on the criteria guidelines encouraged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and any complaints/reviews provided to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – the government agencies that regulate direct sales companies.  Before joining any business, you should always do your due diligence to perform a very thorough research on the business and the products/services offered by the business.  For simplicity purposes, we are going to grade the Lead System Network (LSN) based on each criteria guideline and compare LSN against its competitors when applicable.

About The Lead System Network

The Lead System Network launched its LSN beta website on June 1, 2014 and states that it is an “All-In-One” marketing tool suite and lead management platform connected to an affiliate program that pays an unheard of 100% commissions, 100% of the time.  LSN also states that “LSN is ideal for any marketer who wants to leverage the internet, as well as mobile technology, to support them in selling any program or product. In addition, if you want to resell LSN then you better sit down because it is the BEST PAY PLAN ever created. LSN is an incredible affiliate opportunity with incredible customer value”.   LSN also promotes that it has automated selling, lead management, and marketing tools, and mobile app development technology.

FTC Criteria Guidelines For Direct Sale Companies

The purpose of the FTC is to prevent business practices that are anti-competitive, deceptive, fraudulent and unfair to consumers; to enhance informed consumer choice and public understanding of the competitive process.  Specifically to network marketing, the FTC polices direct sales companies to make sure that their marketing plans are legitimate and the companies aren’t illegal pyramid scheme.  The specific criteria guidelines are listed on the FTC website.

The Lead System Network Review

The FTC first criteria guideline is consider the products – to include answer the following questions:

(1) Are the products and services offered by the company over-priced?

One of the strongest attributes about LSN is the pricing on its All-In-One Marketing tool suite at $30 per month that includes:

    1. Capture Page Creator
    2. Custom Lead Capture Pages
    3. Custom Email, Text, Voice, and Postal Auto Responders
    4. Lead Management Software
    5. Multimedia Lead Broadcast
    6. Live Chat and Social Media Inviters
    7. Webinar Platform
    8. Viral Blogging Platform (not ready yet)
    9. Google Hangouts (FREE via Google)

Lead System Network Basic Tool Suite

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Personally, I spend an average of $220 per month on my marketing software tools – to include $19 for an autoresponder, $37 for squeeze/capture page tool, $27 for an online webinar tool, $37 on a viral blogging platform, and $100 plus on an online texting tool.  That’s a monthly 86% and $190 savings for me.  Yes, I’m a seasoned network marketing veteran and most people don’t spend the type of money I spend monthly to operate my business; however, a $30 price tag and the vast amount of capabilities available in the LSN tool will entice the average person to utilize the tool.

The only confusing claim made by LSN is the mention of Google Hangout being incorporated in its basic tool suite.  Everyone knows that Google hangout is FREE via Google.  Remember, LSN launched its beta version of its website which means that there is still development taking place; therefore, an evaluation on its viral blogging platform will have to wait until it’s ready for the public.

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(2) Are the similar products on the market?

There are similar products and smaller product suites on the market; however, there isn’t any competitive product to the Lead System Network based on pricing and the number of products offered by LSN competition for their marketing tool product suites.  Per the example provided earlier, there are many companies that offer individual tools separately that are included in the LSN marketing tool suite, but the cost of the tools separately cost more than the LSN marketing tool suite bundle.   LSNs closet competitor, as a comparison, offers less for its $99.95 per month plan as shown below:

GVO Affiliate Plan


(3) Can the claims made about the company’s products performance be supported?

The Lead System Network released products are functioning and performing as advertised.  A couple of illustration videos are provided for each of the LSN marketing tools below:

Email Auto Responder

Capture Page Creation

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The FTC second criteria guideline – learn more about the company

The Lead System Network is a new company, which can be good or bad.  The thought process that went behind the LSN All-In-One Marketing tool suite, the LSN price points, and the LSN pre-launch momentum yield a promising future for LSN.   Another great sign on the promising future of LSN is the presence of season and proven network marketers in LSN.

The FTC third criteria guideline – evaluate the compensation plan

Lead System Network truly pays its affiliates 100% commission 100% of the time on the LSN basic tool suite vs the usual 30% offered by many affiliate programs and the clever pass-up schemes like some of LSN’s competitors.  One of LSN’s competitors (compensation plan shown below), for instance, requires you to pass up the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th, 16th and every other 5th customer/orders to your up-line for an approximate 27% of your earned money.  Think about it, you will have to give up $27 of every $100 you generate – that’s a lot.

empower network compensation plan

The LSN affiliate reseller fee cost $19.95 per month, which is very reasonable.  The great thing about this set fee is that you pay once, but you have unlimited earning potential when selling the LSN marketing tool suite and recruiting affiliates into LSN.  For example, selling ten $30 LSN marketing tool suite subscriptions in a one month span will net you $280.05 per month residual income which is 10 x $30 ($300) minus the $19.95 monthly fee.   Let’s assume you sell another ten LSN marketing tool suites, you will then make $580.05 monthly.

It gets even better when you upgrade to the LSN Pro Suite reseller level which contains an EZ mobile app creator to enable you to sell mobile apps to businesses.  This product will especially benefit people who join the LSN affiliate program, because the LSN compensation will pay higher and more commissions at this level.

Lead System Network Pro Tool Suite

Details on the compensation plan at the LSN Pro Suite level are provided below

Pro Tool Suite TBS Commissions

The Lead Master Distributor & Above Levels Are Provided HERE
The FTC fourth criteria guideline – does the company have a refund policy?

LSN refund policy: You can ask for a refund within 72 hours of your purchase by submitting a support ticket with your name, email and username when requesting a refund.  Your request will then be processed within 24 to 48 hours.


The potential and initial momentum of the Lead System Network is great.  I’ve never seen such a buzz on the launch of a new network marketing company like LSN.  The two major keys to building a successful business online are marketing and leads. The LSN software suite provides a great framework help you to better market your business and generate leads.

The one thing to remember is that the LSN software is a TOOL and you will still have to grow your business by effective marketing, training, team building, and executing.  Another point is affiliates will start off using the same videos, blog sites, and marketing tools.  Leveraging the power of LSN and being a part of the right team spells success.

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