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Websites To Use For Professional Services and Help

1) fiverr – online marketplaces for hiring talented creatives for everything from graphic design and animation, to voiceover recordings and press release writing.

2) PeoplePerHour – helps you team up with talented and experienced freelancers in the areas of design, development, content creation and promotion.

3) Guru – creative online marketplace that allows you to browse through over 3.4 million services by category from over 1.5 million freelancers, so you can find the freelancing guru who best fits what you’re looking for.

4) UpWork – oDesk was rebranded as Upwork and is currently one of the largest online marketplaces for businesses available online today. To get started, all you need to do is simply tell Upwork about the project you have in mind and you’ll be matched up to some suggested experts.

5) Freelancer – over 16.9 million talented workers who are ready and eager to offer you competitive quotes for any job you have in mind—even if it’s something as obscure as building a space robot!

6) Microworkers – much smaller online marketplace, but it’s worth including in this list for those who are simply looking to outsource “micro” jobs. Use it to create a professional campaign template and then crowdsource your tasks with the help of over 700,000 freelancers.

7) Gigbucks – Gigbucks is a Fiverr alternative that offers competitive pricing on creative gigs, which will only cost you $5 to a maximum of $50.

8) DesignCrowd – If you’re looking specifically to hire a designer who can create something artistic for you, then DesignCrowd may be the right online marketplace for you. With nearly 600,000 experienced designers offering their services for affordable rates, you can hire one to design a logo, a website, a T-shirt, a flyer, a brochure or even a business card.

9) Work Market – designed to help companies and entrepreneurs manage the entire lifecycle of their freelance workforce through their unique platform. Use it to find the right talent for the job, verify their skills and credentials, engage with professionals through talent pools and so much more.

10) crowdSPRING – claims to be the world’s number one marketplace for design work. If you have a bigger budget that’s in the range of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, then this may be a good choice for you.

Websites To Establish Your Business

(1) Search Patent & Trade For Trademark & Copyright:
(2) Register Your Business With Your State (Using Maryland As An Example):
(3) Obtain EIN Number From IRS:

Mileage and Expense Tracking

1. SherpaShare Mileage/Expense Tracker – SherpaShare is one of the highest rated tracking services out there. It integrates advanced trip-detection technology with secure cloud storage, analytics, and one-click classification.

2. Everlance – Great for both personal and business travel, Everlance uses GPS to track and store your trips in the background.

3. Hurdlr – If your main goal in tracking mileage is easier tax return filing, Hurdlr was built with with this purpose in mind.

4. MileWiz – MileWiz has their own proprietary technology, which they use to automatically detect trips, with up to 95% accuracy.

5. Easy Logbook – Easy Logbook is one of the simplest apps to use for mile tracking, and if you’re not into any of the extra bells and whistles, this is definitely a great option.

6. TrackMyDrive – TrackMyDrive is an online and app tool that runs seamlessly in the background on your mobile device, automatically tracking every time you go for a drive.

7. MileIQ – Another great option if you want to use an app that syncs between all of your devices is MileIQ. It’s pretty similar to others, offering automatic mileage tracking with your trips, easy classification, data storage and syncing, and report generation.

8. TripLog – TripLog’s main concern is helping drivers help themselves by enabling them to make the most of their tax deduction each year.

9. QuickBooks Self-Employed – Many are familiar with Quickbooks, one of the highest rated and used financial management softwares available. You may not be aware though, that QuickBooks offers an app specifically designed for the driving expenses of the self-employed.

10. Stride Drive – Stride Drive is an ideal app for rideshare drivers, as it was designed with that profession in mind. It tracks mileage for all of your trips, and produces reports that you can simply print out and give to your accountant when needed.

Stride Drive is free on iOS and Android.

11. MileageLog + – Mileage Log + is designed with IRS compliance in mind, meaning you’ll know that the information you get from them will be exactly what you need for filing your tax return.

MileageLog + is $3.99 on iOS.

12. TaxMileage – TaxMileage is particularly useful for it’s tracking of fuel consumption and cost.

TaxMileage is $29.99/year, $39.99/2 years, and $49.99/3 years oniOS and Android.

13. FYI Mileage – FYI MIleage offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy and quick to use when entering data. You can use it to support multiple cars AND multiple drivers, which is a great feature if you aren’t the only one using your vehicle.

FYI Mileage is $2.99 and is only available on iOS.

14. MileBug – MileBug is another app which uses an online account for easy access to reports and data. The app offers full path map display, automatic tracking, and the ability to enter regular destinations for easier entry of frequently made trips.

MileBug is $2.99 on iOS and Android.